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Marcel Dadi


22to the National Review of Electric Guitar and Acoustic Collection

19 -20 -21 April 2013



You can view and download pictures of the most significant moments of the festival, taken by Paolo Leoni, Our official photographer, opening the link: / vgf

Have fun!


Vicenza Guitar Festival is the natural continuation of Soave Guitar Festival, event created in 1991 to provide an opportunity to meet to enthusiasts and collectors; manifestation, the first in Italy, in a short time become a classic in the European market not only for the lovers of "vintage" and quality, but in general for music lovers.

This edition – the first to be held in the city of Andrea Palladio, organized by “Sounding board“, non-profit cultural association, founded on the day 8 March 2012 by his friends Luigi Piaserico, Manfredo Turchetti, Roberto Dalla Vecchia and Pierpaolo Adda – 22a is a story that in the span of over two decades has seen the birth festival, grow, and reach maturity in Soave (VR), collecting the consensus and support of a public that for years has exceeded both the domestic and European borders, to become an event of worldwide interest.

The arrival in Vicenza suggests a necessary act of homage to this city, that the genius of Andrea Palladio has made one of the most beautiful in Italy.

So we decided to celebrate this first edition of the festival, creating the Vicenza





the special guitar that shows on the front of the great architect and his most famous and beautiful, and back the people who gave luster to the city over the centuries.

The guitar – una Fender Stratocaster Vintage '57 UPGR – we have been given this time by Patrizia Bauer (Casale Bauer Spa, importer of Fender products since the early 60s), and was decorated by Renzo Pagliani.

I realize triplicate, one of which will be donated to the City of Vicenza, reflecting the deep bond that "Soundboard" intends to achieve with the city.





* * *



The festival, that will follow the pattern that has been very successful in Soave, will take place in three days, articulated in the usual three lines:



Show / market of the guitar, at the Palladian Basilica, Piazza dei Signori (hours 10.30 – 18.00 / Input until 17.00), with the participation of qualified exhibitors from Italy and abroad.

Caution: will not have access to the exhibition area with instruments in tow.

To know the Palladian Basilica visit








Seminars, at the Cinema-Theatre Patronage Leo XIII, Against’ Vittorio Veneto n. 1 Vicenza (hours 10.00-12.00 – 15.00-17.00), taught by our guests, guitarists of all national and international fame.

To know the Patronage Leo XIII visit






Evening concerts:

-19 April: at the Olympic Theatre, Piazza Matteotti. 11 (starting at 21.00).

To know the Olympic Theatre, the oldest indoor theater in the world, visit








-20/21 April: at the Theatre, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini. 39 (starting at 21.00).

To know the Teatro Comunale visit








Guests of the previous editions


Bruce Welch (The Shadows), Marcel Dadi, Larry Corryel, Albert Lee, Mick Abrahms, The Guitars of Italy (Dodi Battaglia, Maurizio Solieri, Franco Mussida), James Burton, Jerry Donahue, Tommy Emmanuel, Lizzie Watkins, Thom Bresh, Buster B. Jones, Franco Cerri, Riccardo Zappa, Nokie Edwards (The Ventures), Andrea Palace, Alex Stornello, Laurence Juber, Stephen Bennett, Luca Olivieri, Rudy Rotta, John Jorgenson, Pedro Javier Gonzalez Trio, Christina Lux, Valerie Duchateau, Phil Emmanuel, Raf Montrasio, Johnny Hiland, Dodi Battaglia, Tony McManus, Massimo Varini, Who’s That Girl?, Brendan Croker, Todd Hallawell, Muriel Anderson, Walter Donatiello, Marcinho Eiras, Bermuda Acoustic Trio, Luciana Buttazzo, Gwyn Ashton, Jon Gomm, Rainer Rohloff, Gabriele Posenato with Paolo Adami, Simone Guiducci, Anita Camarella & Davide Facchini Duo, Steve White, Pete Huttlinger, Vicki Genfan, Franco Morone, Peter Noble, Carl Verheyen, Monte Montgomery, Brian Andrew Lee, Beppe Gambetta, Marcio Rangel, Reno Brandoni with Giorgio Lanyards, William Dotto, Giovanni Palombo, Giovanni Baglioni, Giovanni Ferro, Frank Vignola with Vinny Raniolo, Daniele Gottardo, Greg Koch, Roberto Dalla Vecchia, The Bendy Pastorius Group, Biorn, Jean-Felix LALANNE, Paolo Sereno, Andy Timmons Band, Little Barrie, Francesco Faldani.



The protagonists of "Vicenza 2013 Guitar Festival”



Eugenio_Bennato 3

Eugenio Bennato: an Artist (a capital is deserved!) we are honored to host to christen this second life of our festival, that both consensus and has gained attention across Europe over two decades. Since its inception in music, Eugenio has cultivated a passion for popular music, rediscovering the deep roots, revealing dignity, and so offering it to the general public in a usable, but respectful of its real nature. His artistic history sees founder, in the early 70s, the unforgettable 'New Company Folksong'. In 1976, with Charles of Anjou, gives life to 'Musica Nova', starting at the same time an intense compositional activity, closely inspired by the popular song. Many soundtracks he wrote for films, theater and ballet. In 1998, collaboration with Silvia Coarelli, based movement 'Taranta Power', through which it takes the themes of popular music in terms radically innovative. Since then, his commitment to the world, because the world is a stage on which Eugenio will tour in his music and his passion. Recall collaborations with Peter Gabriel, his brother Edward, the invitation to the Festival of Sanremo in 2008, the direction of Kaulonia Tarantella Festival, participation in the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, the creation in 2011 Naples Festival of the Taranta, which opens with the concert 'Suite for orchestra and voices popular', he wrote for the orchestra and chorus of the Teatro San Carlo. And all this for Eugenio is always and only a beginning! His concert – which will be accompanied by Ezio Lambiase (guitar and electric guitar), Chiara Carnevale (percussion), and Sonia Totaro (voice and dance) - Will be based on his latest CD "Southern Question", a musical reinterpretation of the history of southern Italy after the conquest of Savoy; argument that Eugene will also in his seminar.




Frank Vignola e Vinny Raniolo Frank Vignola: an old friend, with us since the 2008, initially with the quintet, with whom he performed at the Teatro Olimpico(ospite Tommy Emmanuel) in a concert that we fully reproduced in DVD, still available (see menu item Productions), and then together with his trusted and talented Vinny Raniolo. Frank is one of the most prestigious contemporary guitarists, whose activity (niziato has to devote to the instrument at the age of 5 age) led him to performing with artists such as Madonna and Ringo Starr when he was little more than twenty years. He then collaborated with music icons, as Bucky Pizzarelli and with the great and unforgettable Les Paul, forming the backbone of the show that this incredible teacher held for years at the Iridium Club in New York. Frank is definitely one of the pearls of the guitar world. Welcome back!





Pedro Javier Gonzalez Trio Pedro Javier Gonzalez Trio: one of the most successful groups on the tables of our stage, the trio walked for the first time in the distant 2002, and on which our friends are often returned, include among their holdings also a memorable concert at the Teatro Olimpico (October 2006), whose complete recording is available on DVD, and is one of our most prestigious achievements (see menu item Productions). Pedro, Toni and Roger always know how to give the audience more than what the public expects of them. Their music is a perfect balance between orthodoxy and the new trends of interpretation of flamenco, and it is always a guarantee of high quality, taste and fantasy. We could start this new adventure without them!





DallaVecchia1 Roberto Dalla Vecchia: the friend next door, and at the same time one of our most talented and inspired flat pickers in activities, so many Italian guitarists, and not only, look more and more respect. Roberto was the creator of "vicenzAcustica", a beautiful exhibition that Vicenza has introduced to the world of acoustic guitar and brought to Italy guitarists of great value to all nationalities, It is also one of the founders of Soundboard, the non-profit association that has this festival. Roberto, from the top of his considerable stature (over 1.90 m.) is not only a great guitarist, but above all a great guitarist!










massimo varini Massimo Varini: prestigious guitarist, producer, teacher and author, is an old friend of the festival, who attended initially as electric guitarist, to recur in recent years as acoustic, gaining acclaim. His seminars are always among the most popular and appreciated, especially by those who want to go deeper in the study of various issues related to tool, and its use 'live’ and in the studio. His artistic history begins on Italy 1, when Maximus has not yet completed 20 age, Cri Cri with the show of Cristina D'Avena, and then continue in the role of guitarist sideman, arranger, composer and music producer. Among his most important experiences is certainly counted his long and fruitful collaboration with Nek, referred “Laura is not” is certainly the jewel in the crown, with the successful participation in the Festival of San Remo and the achievement of six times platinum in Italy, other foreign, and the award of the European Community for selling its territory over 1 million copies! Maximum have with us the first time it was hard, but since then it has always been such a great friend to have in the house!





PorkMain Pork McElhinny: singer, guitarist and songwriter. Born and raised in Pennsylvania in a family of musicians, has learned to love and play guitar watching his father and older brother. Now is certainly one of the most promising young artists followed in Nashville. Master of the instrument and authoritative on stage, knows how to combine the atmosphere of traditional country with the most topical issues related to the life of man in the modern world. Appreciate his writing, speaking of everyday human beings like all of us, recognizing the deep part of their feelings, their joys and their sufferings. His way of using the tool is simple, and at the same time full of nuances and precious colors. Pork has already released four studio albums, containing dozens of his songs. His work takes him around the clock to the United States, in whose territory holds an average of over 200 concerts a year! You will definitely enjoy!









suzyimage02 Suzy Bogguss: singer, songwriter and guitarist of the most famous and acclaimed in the American landscape, to his credit with a platinum, three gold records, six individuals in the "top ten"; vincitrice di un “Academy of Country Music’s” Award come “Top New Female Vocalist” e di un “Country Music Association’s Horizon” Award. Suzy is not only a great singer and musician, but it is a love of tradition and popular music of his country. And it is this love that led her to record a CD entitled “American Folk Songbook”, and to join him with a book bearing the same title, where you can find out the origin and meaning of popular songs such as “Red River Valley”, “Shenandoah”, “Wildwood Flowers”, “Wayfairing Stranger” and many other; songs often sung or hummed by a public that largely does not know the profound meaning. Well, his project to take these classic songs from a situation of memory museum, to make them once again language of today, has become a reality and will be: certainly on our stages. It 'a great honor to have with us Suzy!




Suzy Bogguss will be accompanied on the guitar by



PatBergeson024 Pat Bergeson: guitarist of great talent and incredible diatonic harmonica player, Pat, native of Illinois, was called to Nashville by Chet Atkins, who heard a demo tape and had it with him on his album “Sneakin’ Around”, which also participated the late, great Jerry Reed. He also collaborated with big names such as Lyle Lovett, Dolly Parton, Peter Frampton, Tommy Emmanuel and many others. The activity of Pat has always been very busy as a session man and also as a producer and arranger. High demand as well as diatonic harmonica virtuoso, Pat has recorded a few years ago the CD “Hippy Dance!” that just sounds this instrument, together with musicians such as Dan Anderson with his tuba, and other friends, come Jeff Coffin, Steve Shapiro, Jim White, Roger Spencer, Jimmy Wallace, Will Barrow, Rod McGaha, Roy Agee, Michael Jefry Stevens e Charlie Chadwick. It is precisely the latter to complete the festival's trio Suzy Bogguss.





Luca Colombo 4 Luca Colombo : guitarist, teacher and arranger, Luke builds her musical inspired by myths such as Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck , Eddy Van Halen, David Gilmour. Then look at the characters of the jazz-fusion like Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, cultivating a passion for the Beatles, in tribute to what makes the so-called "Playin 'the Beatles", published in 2005 by Azzurra Music. First guitar of the Sanremo Festival since 2007, has worked with the best of Italian and international music scene, with significant presence in high level events such as Good Friday, Saturday Italian, Maurizio Costanzo Show, A drive for summer, Fiorello Show, Word of mouth, Rockpolitik, 50 Canzonissime, I sing , and, last October, the two incredible concerts Adriano Celentano Arena of Verona. He also wrote and produced (2001) the soundtrack of the film "Leeward". Luke is also a professor of jazz guitar at address 'popular' at the Conservatory of Parma. The 2 Last January he released his new CD "Sunderland". Luke will perform in concert with Lele Melotti (battery), Paolo Costa (low), John Boscariol (keyboard). Una band da urlo! Also held a seminar, which we anticipated content: Phrasing, tonal and modal – Elements for the development of improvisation – Using and setting the industry and the – How to set yourself a good study method – Current techniques in rock guitar: sweep picking, bound, hybrid picking – Creativity and interpretation – Labor problems of shift workers in the various fields (live, studio, television) – Space applications. Welcome among us!



Luca Colombo told us with great regret that, to a sudden and unpredictable and inescapable duty occurred, can not be present at the Festival.

We know that it is a fact of great importance for his work, therefore, as disappointed in our turn, we wish to obtain once again the success that his talent deserves!



Sonohra 8 Sonohra: these two amazing brothers - Luke and Diego Fainello - Verona DOC, were the winners of the Sanremo Festival 2008 in the category "Youth" with the song "Love", but have also proved true musical talent, able to express in their compositions feelings and impulses of their generation. Normally Luke writes the lyrics. Diego composed the music and care arrangements, that enhances the sound and the drawings of his brilliant guitar playing. Their work takes shape in their family, where parents are the first to believe in their abilities, and their creative potential, and develops an extraordinarily dense over the last few years, from their first album “Always free from”, getting platinum with over 100.000 copies sold, alla nomination al MTV European Music Awards come “Best Italian Act”. To this followed by a long tounée American, with their songs reaching high places of the charts in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Back to San Remo in 2010, and then guests Claudio Baglioni “The’ Shah”; and still, interpreters of song “There’s A Place For Us” for the soundtrack of the film “Chronicles of Narnia”, to end with a performance broadcast worldwide with Hevia, in front of Pope Benedict XVI, the single “It's called freedom”. I do not think we could do better gift to a young audience!




We announced a big surprise for the day and the concert on Sunday 21 April.

And the surprise that we have the pleasure and honor to communicate is the participation of one of the greatest guitarists who have made the history of Italian and European guitar.

It will be with us


Dodi Battaglia!



It’ a real honor to have with us this extraordinary interpreter of the six strings; a guitarist who, since its inception with the Pooh (were still the 60s), has been able to see beyond our borders, combining each new technical language and style with the colors and the elegance of Mediterranean taste better.

Dodi will hold a seminar Sunday 21 April at 15 at the Cinema-Theatre Leo XIII, and will also host, during the final concert of the Festival, Sonohra friends, who find themselves in Vicenza so the friend who brought them luck at the Sanremo Festival 2008.

60° Festival della Canzone Italiana

Do not miss this extraordinary event!










Important: The new and extraordinary DVD concerts "Sweet 2012 Guitar Festival"Is ready!





To celebrate the latest edition of the festival we have created this soavese triplo DVD, in order to give more space to the musical moments and also offer some "extra" particularly interesting.

You can get it by following the instructions found under the menu item "Productions".

We thank the director Maurizio Ongaro and his whole group Exastudios, that allow us to offer once again a full summary of the three evening concerts last festival, in a pack of great quality.


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  1. thanks!! was now in Vicenza!!

  2. Thanks to all those who have created this “continuation” Moving to Vicenza this festival and thank you to those who have ears to hear and hands to help and especially brain to understand.

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    Appearance at the gate of the seminars FRANK!!!

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  7. damn you could also invite Tommy Emmanuel!!:(
    I only come to Frank Vignola and Roberto, because I know them, otherwise I'd be at home, even though I live in Vicenza.

    • Tommy Emmanuel will be committed in Russia in the same period.
      I suspect that for those who love the guitar there are artists who deserve to be discovered, as it had been many years ago just Tommy, in that 1999, his first arrival in Soave, nobody knew.

  8. Maaaa…the exhibition, never again?

  9. Pierpaolo good!!! Soave does not know what he lost!!!


    • Dear Chiara,
      Your words are very flattering.
      With my friends “Sounding board” I will try to do everything possible not to disappoint never friends like you!

  11. Have you ever thought of inviting the unreachable (a long time now do not know what attributes to give) ALLAN HOLDSWORTH ??? Mutual friends tell me I would be happy to spend a weekend in Veneto…

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  14. Question there is a ticket?

  15. the sound will be the reason for which boicotterò this festival

    • Caro Luca,
      I can not force you to participate in the Festival, but let me say that your attitude seems at least strange.
      First Sonohra (their name is written as) are very, but very good, both in terms of general artistic, both in particular as guitarists. Then, their place in the event of well deserved, and I am proud to have them with us. The question that comes to me is that you do not ever work visas.
      Secondly, if you love music and guitar in particular, I find it incredible that their presence disturbs you to point to stop to appreciate the rest of the program, the level of which is particularly valuable.
      Of course you have every right to do what you want and keep your ideas.
      It will mean that we, that we will be, however we will try to enjoy the festival and Sonohra, and give us a reason for your absence!

      • If I add an opinion,I think the skill is becoming something questionable and subjective,this punto.O least you're avoiding the latter deviate from Fama.Perchè it is true that a band can rightly pleasure,rate technical talentistico there is little to go around: in Italy we have much better.

        Personally I do not boicotterò the festival for this reason,as meat to the fire there is enough to warrant the presence widely,and also is considered one of the few music festivals of its kind in our city(which is quite criminal,but patience).However I do not want to ask me questions about the presence of the duo,as the only answer I could give me is a sought-visibility,and frankly it was enough SanRemo about it for this year.


        • Dear Friend,
          Meanwhile, I am glad that you have judged our program worthy of attention and decided to follow the festival.
          As for Sonohra, I repeat, perhaps you'd better listen to them before judging.
          A concert finished, you certainly entitled to remain on your positions, or perhaps change.
          And you'll see that will be the case!
          See you soon,

  16. From which there are less than two months at the Guitar Festival!! I can not wait! Vicenza as I could not expect better after having participated in all editions of the Soave 2006 on (that is, since I found out about her)! Pierpaolo Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enrich my cultural / guitar listening to musicians such exceptional and talented as those who have come in recent years in Soave! Thank you for bringing some of the greatest guitarists in the world right here near my house! is beautiful to think that everything can continue their hours in vicenza, I would never have imagined, then I also thank the Soundboard for allowing this to happen! Now you just have to wait, thank you all again, I'll see you in April!


    • No. In this edition there will be.
      But certainly see him again in the future, As you have seen in many of the editions held in Soave.
      We are among the staunchest supporters of the skill of Andrea, so rest assured.
      The riavremo soon!

  18. hello, I wanted to know the cost of the show and if you can book where???? thanks

    • Dear David,
      ticket for the show costs 10 euro, and is valid for all three days of the Festival.
      You do not need you to book.
      You can buy it when you arrive at the ticket office of the Palladian Basilica, the Exhibition.
      See you in Vicenza!

  19. Here's one more reason to welcome the spring!
    I learned with sadness the news of the end of mostrane 2012 but, like the phoenix has risen and closer to my house.
    Thanks, I hope that the days of climate (music and meteorological) sweet, passed in Soave, continue to Vicenza.
    Congratulations to the locations of the evening events!
    See you soon,

    • Dear David,
      I am glad that the decision to continue the festival in Vicenza will be, as well as pleasing, also comfortable!
      The climate depends on the weather Eternal Father, but the music is our responsibility, and, do not worry, have we been doing our best to make it as sweet and warm as possible!
      See you soon!

  20. Dear Pierpaolo, Only today I learned with great sadness of the end of Soave Soave Guitar Festival in that it. Vicenza for sure will be an excellent venue to host an exhibition so important, but I had affezzionato to your old village to which I tied my best memories. See you soon.

    • Armando Caro,
      Sweet, place that I love and in which I live, was no longer fit to give to an event like this the right space and a serious prospect of development.
      That's the reason for the shift in Vicenza, cities among the most beautiful in Italy, which has made available to the Festival some of its most prestigious monuments.
      You'll see that you'll be amazed!

  21. I have witnessed some of the reviews in Soave Guitar Festival knowing musically on those occasions great artists such as Frank Vignola (amazing character with whom I even had an exchange of emails), Tommy Emmanuel, Dalla Vecchia and other. I can not hide my regret not to see this festival hosted in his native home, a missed opportunity to Soave.
    I hope to come to the edition of Vicenza and the organizers hope the rewards they deserve if only for having the courage to pursue a unique event of its kind that has the ability (among other) to really put in direct contact with artists and audiences.
    In bocca al lupo.


    • Caro Angelo,
      thank you for your very kind words and encouraging.
      Come in Vicenza, and you'll see that this new look that we all love the Guitar Festival will not disappoint.
      See you soon!

  22. Fortunately, I have witnessed first edition of Soave giutar Festival last year, unaware that it was also the last!
    Now that the festival is closer to my house, will become an annual event to participate, a powder’ eat Natale Pasqua!

    Pierpaolo Congratulations for choosing to enter into “Vicenzacaster” even the great Federico Faggin, unknown to the vast majority of Italians …and has been awarded the highest honor provided by U.S. law by President Obama…
    See you in Vicenza!

  23. ohhhhh this is a Great news, Thanks Pierpaolo x is not giving up on the administrative town of Soave ciecità, you are a great !! …with very pleased to learn that there will also Frank Vignola that last year was not, I can confirm you that my presence, and presto …

  24. Hello Pierpaolo, great guests this year! By chance you've already made a list of exhibitors?
    Thank you for the work you carried out!

  25. Hello, Meanwhile, the event compliments x, can you tell me if I can get tickets x the evening of Saturday also at MusicalBox of Verona ? not being able to get them on the internet , or if I can find the same directly to the ticket Saturday ? Thanks …William

  26. Will there be a market for sales of private exchanges as in Soave ?

  27. Good evening I want to know if the tickets of the seminar to be held on Saturday, I will be able to buy them directly on Saturday, on the spot
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  28. Although with a bit of nostalgia for the magical Soave, I feel compelled to rigraziare all of you who organized the VicenzaGuitarFestival. The style, the care and love for music that is breathed in Soave, you have also moved to Vicenza.
    You have organized these three days that, for those fortunate enough to have participated, has become a po “fixed” and waited for the whole year. Even now, I look forward to the next edition.
    Were you able to coivolgere musicians of artistic value and human altissimo.L 'atmosphere and the direct contact that you “lives” in seminars and concerts are unique.
    As a consequence the VicenzaGuitarFestival can only have a beautiful future. Hello and thank you.

    • Dear John,
      thanks for your kind words, that fully captures the spirit in which we tried to build this great event.
      See you soon!

  29. Hi all,

    do you know when the DVD(s) will be available for purchase?

    Thank you,

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